Top 5 onsite factors for SEO you need to include in your Web Design

Top 5 onsite factors for SEO you need to include in your Web Design

When creating a website or getting a web design company to create a website for you there are many different onsite factors you need to take in to consideration when it comes to SEO and getting to the top of Google. Although the bulk of SEO is in the link building, there are many onsite factors to do to ensure your website has the best chance of ranking.

As always there is speculation in the SEO world of what is important and what is not, everybody has had different experiences and might attribute some movement to a change that might not have been the cause. These are the top 5 onsite factors that there is no speculation about, i.e. these are a must.

1)      Title Tag. Think carefully about your title tags, the title tag is the single most important onsite factor in SEO. It is not only vital it includes your target keywords in the right order, but it also needs to be appealing to the audience for a higher click through rate.  If there is not enough space, I would go keywords over user friendly any day, since it is vital to get good ranking.

2)      Content. You will find it pretty hard to rank on the first page if you have not included the keywords in the content. There is speculation of the content density but the going thoughts are somewhere around 2%, however, as long as you mention the keywords a couple of times, you should be OK.

3)      URL. Having the keywords in the URL definitely helps. If you have no choice of the domain name as it is the name of the company, then it is not the end of the world, but you can use user friendly URLs for the inner pages that contain the keywords you are targeting for the inner pages.

4)      H1 tags. This shows what keywords are most important on the page. Write a good title for your content and make sure these are in h1 tags.

5)      Lastly although if we talk about the smaller details we could go on for many points, is the size and the quality of the site. Bigger sites with more content will have an easier time in ranking. It is however important to make sure the content is user friendly and not just there for the sake of it. Recently it has been advised to delete the pages of a website that have lower user stats. This may be as the overall user experience is taken in to consideration when deciding the ranking – e.g bounce rate, time one site, pages looked at etc.

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