The Dramatic Impact of Google Panda

Last October 5, Matt Cutts of Google posted on his twitter that some Panda update will be happening for the next couple of weeks.  But this will have a less significant impact compared to the previous updates. Also referred as 2.5, the major Panda update that occurred recently—October 8, 2011—has made a number of sites to bounce back. SearchMetrics shared numbers of how many of these sites have managed to propel their positions upward.  While some shared happy testimony on their sites getting back on a competitive stance, others whined on how the Panda updates continuously hurt their sites.

The minor Panda update that happened on October 14, 2011—verified by Matt Cutts—was felt by a score of webmasters. Some of them happened to see improvements in their positions, while some watched their sites spiral downwards. But there are also some who hadn’t felt the changes at all.  Google seems to be determined in cleaning the net from domains overly stuffed with keywords and crappy contents.  Although quality and relevancy have been one of the deciding factors of a site’s placement in the Google search results, the update just proved that in the end much of the bases of Google will rest on the contents itself.

These recent changes from Google have required most of the SEO’s to improve the quality of their contents and to validate their practices. Most of the SEO tricks before that enable one to propel sites to the first pages of Google overnight appear to be no longer working. Even the latest SEO techniques which was proved to be efficiently working 5 months ago appears not as potent as they were before. This calls for everyone to go back to the drawing board and get something that would not just skyrocket sites to the first pages of the major search engines—like Google—but also stick it there for the longest time possible.

Organic SEO remains the most powerful yet timeless weapon for every internet marketer as most of the major search engine keeps on updating—or should we say changing—their algorithms. But this definitely necessitates one to have a longer span of time spend and trust to build, let alone money to shell out. For a start-up business, one year of waiting before reaping the benefits of SEO can be so long. Although there are proven techniques that can give the shortest time span of generating traffic—like paid advertisements and PPC, the cost of running one or both may present too overwhelming.

SEO Tips
November 14, 2011, 8:05 pm

This has certainly been the biggest shake up of SEO for a while. Even if your site had original content, if the sites you got links from used low quality content, then your site may have taken a beating. It is now more important than ever to ensure original quality content and do thorough research in your link partners. SEO Newcastle

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