Pay Per Click

  • Cost per conversion driven campaigns
  • Stop paying for wasted traffic
  • Complete tracking solution provided
  • All areas covered
  • Reduce Your Cost Per Click


With Pay per click you are litterally buying yourself advertising space in the search engines, but you only pay whe somebody clicks on your advert. Over the past few years cost per click has become more and more expensive and we always find it a cheaper solution to have your site in the organic listings.

There are some advantages of PPC:

You can be on the first page in just 20 minutes
You can choose 1000’s of keywords
ROI can be monitored down to each click
Suitable for minimum budgets
Combined with SEO you can double your online presence

The most important aspect of PPC is to track your conversons. We provide this set up free of charge for our customers. From then on you can make sure your campaign is working for you. We have come across so many clients that are actually loosing money with their camapign as this is not implemented. From then on it is a statistical game, what are the chances the click will convert. Apply this to the value of the product and you know which keywords are working for you. We have completely turned round people’s PPC campaigns over night generating them more return on their investment.

We manage PPC campaign in Google, Yahoo, MSN an facebook all of which have different factors needed to make them a success and we know which are best for your business. Call one of our professionals today for a free account review to find out how we can help you with your pay per click campaign.

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