Panda 3.3 Update Now Rolling

Google has done it again. Panda 3.3 update has started running sometime in 26th or 27th of February carrying 20 search quality changes. Google pointed out that the said update is more on refreshing the Panda system to make it more responsive and more precise to the changes online—an update very similar to Panda 3.2. Although no significant changes in the Google algorithm from the recent search quality updates, some sites have been tending their Panda-afflicted wounds until now.

One of the minute changes that are rolling out right now is the shutting off of one link evaluation factor. Google didn’t mention the specific factor, but it sure sounds scary. Is Google gearing toward removing the ability of links to contribute in your site’s ranking? Or is it simply going to clean up mess spammers have left behind? Granting the fact that link quality has been one of the neglected factors in search engine optimization by many, Google’s Panda 3.3 update is surely beating a handful of sites right now.

Aside from this single issue of link factor removal, most SEO specialists are looking for ways on how to make a site invincible to panda updates in the next coming months. But as what Matt Cutts— Google Head of Web Spam —clarified in the mistaken comment on Hacker News, the quality of site contents is a timeless arsenal that anyone can count on to boost up site positions. He further pointed out that the site with quality contents serving internet users are the preferred ones that Google wants to put in the first page for particular keywords.

SEO isn’t bad. SEO isn’t spam. That’s how Google views White Hat SEO. Search engine optimization—as Google believes—is a “valid way of helping people find what they’re looking for via search engines.” Reading between the lines, one can conclude that Google has a handful of Panda updates coming for all sites. And the core basis will be the quality of contents. One can start building or revising sites, making it the most related and informative site for specific keywords. Quality contents should be what SEO is all about on site and around back links. Get a good SEO and don’t be stressed out with Panda updates anymore.

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