Google Page Rank Is Dead

Well, momentarily that is what 1000’s of web master thought throughout the world when many page rank toolbars suddenly showed 0 for all sites. It nearly had us all thinking we had been hit by the big G until we realized that Google itself was showing a PR of 0. Actually Google has just updated the URl that is used to query the page rank. This means most tool bars that automatically check the PR will also need updating.

PR has been a matter of discussion for many years now, is it important is it not? Well we believe PR has it’s place and should be respected. One can quickly loose any page rank if the website is full of content scraped from other sites, similarly new sites or new pages also have a PR of 0. You can only build up PR though a mixture of age and unique content, throw in some backlinks and you have a recipe for a site with PR higher than 0.

Perhaps it is better to look at PR as a measure of trust in a site, sites with higher trust get a higher P, look to the page rank of Google or Facebook (If you can!)R. This is not directly related to ranking, it is not uncommon to see a site with PR0 with a clever back link profile outrank a site of PR4 – Ranking is all about the keywords.

So what were your experiences today with the PR bar showing 0??

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