Google is cracking down on paid links

Google is serious with its paid links policy. If you don’t have any idea with regards to this policy, you can review Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. The policy states a site can be penalized once it sells or buys links that pass PageRank—which is the common thing happening today. Quality and quantity of links are the most significant factors that affect the result of a particular search engine query. Authority and reputation of a site are governed by these two factors also. In short, if you have tons of links from high ranking sites, you can totally dominate your niche. But wait. That holds true a few months ago before the latest Google Panda updates.
If most of your “high-quality” links come from sites selling links, I have a bad news for you. Google is on a world-wide-web hunt for sites like yours—sites that have ruled the first pages of major search engines by buying links. This is a breach of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, and Big-G won’t hesitate to penalize your site. Seeing how Matt Cutts has passed the verdict over the landing page of Google Chrome—which now has been lifted after 60 days, you should have the idea that they are not fooling around. You may be surprised tomorrow that your site is not on the first page of the major search engines anymore or even on the second one.
SEO’s cannot deny the fact that this old practice (and a habit) has already become a part of optimizing sites. You can’t just go to a high-ranking site and ask for a free backlink, right? You may do so but I doubt if you could acquire one. So the last option is to cash out just to get that significant links. SEO’s and site owners are facing a dilemma right now: to buy links to rank high and get penalized one day or to leave out the helpful link-buying in their SEO plan. It has already been proven and tested that site links are astoundingly helpful in achieving better rankings. Without them, it is one tough of a life to do SEO.
Google clarified that you can still buy links provided that a “rel=nofollow” attribute is included inside the tag, but that condition defeats the main purpose of the bought links: SEO. You may be asking for a fast fix for this SEO issue. Is there really? By going back to the guidelines, exactly on Google’s statement, “we work hard to make sure that Google fully discounts links intended to manipulate search engine results, such as excessive link exchanges and purchased links that pass PageRank,” you would see that Google is looking for a couple of indications to categorize a site has breached the guidelines.
By knowing these indications you can totally save your site from the Google’s unthinkable wrath.

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