First Page Rank

  • We are the only SEO company to offer first page rank for the most popular keywords in your industry.

Why is this so important?

Over 90% of the traffic dosen’t get past the first page in Google, so if you are not positioned here, you will be a small drop in the ocean and find it hard to succeed in the online world. In fact if you do not acheive these rankings SEO is virtually useless. Positioning is vital, even to move up a position on the first page could result in 100% more traffic. We rapidly acheive first page listings for our clients when they have been told this is not possible from previous consultants; when in fact it is, for any site, for any given keyword.




Our SEO package offers you first page rankings. We look at many factors onsite and off site and know exactly what needs to be done to beat your competitors. In order to calculate the cost for first page ranking we look at many different contributing factors of SEO for example, site age, number of inbound links, site content and page rank to name but a few; we then compare this to the sites positioned on the first page. The difference gives us the amount of work we need to do. This method allows us to give an accurate pricing model that can be worked in to a business plan. Since you can tell from the Google keyword tool how many searches per month occur in Google for a keyphrase, you can guage the ROI this model acheives.

Why are we so confident?

Easy………We have done it many times before. SEO is not rocket science, put together the right factors and you will beat your competitors, we will make sure of that!

Keywords are King

SEO is keyword specific. You need to know what keywords will generate you the most traffic and are relevant to your industry. Using the google keyword tool need to make sure you look to see what number of searches are done in the country your market is aimed at for many different keywords. It is the relevant keywords that get the most searches that will bring you the bigest success. Many SEO companies will optimise for keywords that actually do not get much traffic. Typically you should be looking at 5,000 searches per month or more.

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