Effective Communication on a Budget

It’s important for any business to have effective communication channels. Whether they need to keep track of their telecommuters or keep in touch with customers, effective communication is essential to keep businesses stay on track.

This is not a problem with big companies. They can afford expensive, complex solutions. But, how about small and upcoming companies? What options do they have? Actually, any modern company of any size can easily stay connected for a fraction of the price. Look into VoIP technology to keep connected without breaking the bank.

In the office

Previous generations of small businesses couldn’t afford the business-level features they needed. They were too expensive, too bulky to be placed in a small office. They also required a lot of resources to maintain. VoIP telephone systems solved this problem.

Users can transmit and receive calls digitally over a secure Internet connection. Small businesses can now take advantage of features such as auto attendant, call transfers/forwarding and much more which were once too expensive for a modest-size company. They can have multiple phone lines at a fraction of the cost of a traditional PBX.


Another way to communicate effectively (but affordably) within the office is to utilize an internal chat program. This can also be integrated with the company’s email system. This enables staff to bypass phone calls and emails by sending a quick direct message. It is also a casual style of messaging that enables team members to ask questions and give answers directly without the social pressure of a phone call.


Outsourcing is a low cost alternative to hiring in house, there are no holidays, sick pay or national insurance to pay; and outsourcing gives you complete flexibility over starting and stopping contracts. There are hundreds of places to look for quality contractors, you can post the job online or find a consultant that can help you with all aspects of branding and management.

Outside the office

Teleworking is a big part of many companies today. Business owners are no longer confined to the local workers. They can hire people from all over the world. They can make an employee in another country a part of their office network. The teleworker can access office information without sacrificing security. VoIP systems have different security measures in place to protect data.

If you have a mobile team, they can use mobile apps and cloud software programs to stay connected to the office, update project status, etc.

Mobile VoIP

You can install an app in your employee’s smartphone or tablet that will allow them to make voice or video calls. This is a cost-effective solution to making long-distance calls.

Web conferencing programs can also be installed in laptops so employees can participate in meetings wherever they are as long as they have a fast broadband Internet connection.

A cloud-based sharing program allows team members to share files and collaborate on projects even while on the go. Cloud software programs have also come a long way. They perform a variety of functions not limited to file sharing. You can use these programs if your team needs frequent access to a sales software.

Running a small business with effective business processes need not be expensive. There are many modern solutions to keep your budget intact and at the same time deliver excellent results and service. Your customers will be happy and you can experience an improved bottom line

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