Earn from Your Office Clutter

The average US company has a lot of clutter around and those include equipment that can be sold for thousands of dollars. They are just money waiting to be collected. Are you one of those offices? Here are some of those items that you can turn into cash.
This is perhaps your biggest money maker. Old cell phone models, old laptops, last year’s tablet, etc. are all gadgets that can be sold or recycled. You may not realize it but your old gadgets are still worth something especially if they are still working and in good condition. Check out electronic gadget-buying websites such as SellCell.com and Gazelle.com. You can also go to the old reliable Amazon and ebay. NextWorth.com buys a wide array of gadgets such as cameras, e-readers, GPS, TV, video games consoles, calculators aside from your cell phone and laptop.
The trick is to sell something once you already have a replacement. That way, the value is still high. Don’t wait a few years before selling your iPad 2.
In spite of all the digital stuff that we use in the office, books are still a good resource to go to from time to time. If you prefer going all digital, why not sell your books to Powells or SellBackBooks.com. You can go to BookScouter.com to compare prices with other vendors.
Empty Ink Cartridges
Don’t throw that empty ink cartridge away. It’s worth a few dollars. Check out TonerBuyer.com if you have an empty or partially used cartridge. If you have a new printer and you’ve just unearthed a drawer full of unused cartridges for your old model, sell it to them as well.
Did you know that by returning your empty cartridge to Staples or Office Max, you can get a $2 store credit per credit? 10 empty cartridges will buy you a lot of new office supplies.
Equipment and Furniture
There are a lot of start up and home businesses out there looking for second hand furniture and equipment. If you have an extra desk or chair that is in storage, sell it instead of paying for storage. This way, your old furniture will make you money instead of costing you. You can post on Craigslist and Kijiji.com. You can also checkout the Yardsale iPhone app.
The economy is slowly getting back on its feet but there are still no guarantees about the future. Try to make some extra money wherever and whenever you can. Your office clutter is a good way to start to add some extra meat into your bank account.

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