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Finding a reputable Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) company is a minefield, something on a par with finding a good second-hand car dealer. The SEO industry seems populated with companies who promise the earth and deliver nothing. Many of them will offer you testimonials which turn out to be worthless.

We tried many SEO companies, some of whom approached us with a cold call, and some of whom we sought for ourselves. Each of these companies promised that our website would move up the natural listings within varied timeframes. Each company had a different approach to search engine optimisation. Over the course of a few years, we spent tens of thousands of pounds with these companies, with little or no effect.

It was just under a year ago that our new website went live, and I am delighted to report that, for the first time ever, we are amongst the top three on the first page of Google for many of our most effective search terms. We are now receiving a steady stream of visitors to our site, all free at the point of click. Additionally, Aclickahead continues to help us refine our site to make it more user-friendly; a service that is above and beyond their SEO contract.

We have always found Aclickahead to be friendly, approachable, and extremely helpful in creating an online site that is both user-and SEO-friendly. The fact that our site is now ranked amongst the top websites in our industry, despite being in a very competitive market, is a testament on its own to the effectiveness of Aclickahead’s SEO abilities. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Aclickahead to any company that is seeking to move their website up the Google page ranks. Furthermore, if you are considering using any of Aclickahead’s competitors, whatever they are promising, then take it from us; don’t! Use Aclickahead, and you won’t regret it. To show that this testimonial is not one of the worthless ones, we will be more than happy to talk to anyone who wishes to discuss SEO and Aclickahead in person.

We have been pleased with your service. Since we signed up with you we have been freed up to concentrate on other areas. Your more in depth knowledge of Google has been a help as well even though we managed the campaign ourselves previously.

“AClickAhead provided a subcontracting service for us over a trial period of 6 months, which was efficient and represented good value for money. We are now over halfway through our renewed 12 months contract, and pleased to report that we are extremely satisfied with their service provision – particularly as their service has matched our 50% growth in requirements. Therefore we have no hesitation in recommending their team to other prospective clients.”

Emma Meheux, CEO;

We switched over to aclickahead last year. We have found them to be very professional , helpful and supportive. Our outgoing budget is reduced by 40% without effecting our sales.

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