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Before you choose any SEO company make sure you look at the results they have acheived. For SEO to be effective you need your keywords on the first page. What keywords you choose are vital. Long tail keywords are easy to get on the first page but have very little traffic, you need a company that can acheive highly competative keywords, it is those words that will get you the most traffic…..

eflex computers

cheap laptops   competition 6,230,000  position 6

Acoustic Panels     740,000,   Position 3

sound insulaton    1,690,000  Position 6

acoustic foam    614,000  Position 6

Phoenix Corporate Gifts

 Time: 5 months

Phoenix Corporate Gifts was a brand new domain, after 5 months the following search phrases were on the first page. They are the most competative search queries in their industry.

Corporate gifts , Competition: 46,000,100, Current Position: 2

Promotional Merchandise, Competition: 829,000, Current Position: 3

Promotional Gifts, Competiton: 9,590,000, Current Position 4

Promotional Clothing, Competition: 6,440,000, Current Position 5


This client tried with different SEO specialists for 2 years to get to the first page. An easy job for us…… we did it in two months.

Load Moving skate, Competition 798,000, Position 1

Moving skate, Competition 1,150,000, position 2

Hydrualic jack, Competition 836,000, position 3

Toe Jacks, Competition 4,180,000, position 1

customer call center   Competition 88,300,000 Position4

call center tools  Competition 25,600,000, Position 3

call centre business plan Competition 72.900.000, Position 9

Time: 4 months

Submit free articles, Competition: 117,000,000, Current Position 2

Free article submit, Competition: 149,000,000, Current Position 8

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