5 tips to recover from the Panda Update.

5 tips to recover from the Panda Update.

Google is constantly updating its algorithm to improve is search results. Search results change daily and Google is constantly testing to see which order of search results are better for users than others. Sometimes Google will roll out a big update, and noticeably there is a big shift in results. Forums are flooded with members who have sites that have lost their rankings as a result of the reshuffle.

You may not have even heard of it, but it is big news amongst the SEO community – The Panda update. Yes, as menacing as it sounds,  this update was first tried and tested in the US and then recently bought to the UK. It’s aim was to push out low quality sites from the rankings in an aim to improve the over all search results. Sites with low quality content or spun content were targeted as well as sites with too much advertising.

If your rankings have been hit over the last few months, you would know you have been hit, some have dropped many pages for their most important keywords, others just a few positions. If this is the case we recommend to take the following steps to try and recover from the loss in the rankings:

1)      Check the content of your site. We recommend using copyscape for everything published on your website to ensure the content is unique.

2)      Try to reduce the amount of advertising on the page and only use adds that would directly benefit the user.

3)      Go through the pages of your website and try to rewrite/redesign any page with a high bounce rate and lowest time on site – this will bring up the over all quality of your website.

4)      It might be the value of your incoming links that have made the difference. Try to focus on high quality link building, making sure the sites you get a link from are not deindexed or using spun content

5)      Be sure to use a wide variety of link types to not only make your link building look more natural, but if any site types linking to you are suddenly deemed less important by Google, your site will remain standing strong.

Try not to panic and don’t give up hope, Google can be a funny creature – bringing sites on top leaving you in a state of Euphoria, but overnight you can be dropped like a sack of potatoes. Just try to do things by the rules and you should be OK.

December 17, 2011, 9:28 am

Negativity about Panda seems to abound. As a white hat SEO technician and copywriter my sites have only benefited. If your site has dropped due to Panda then you were doing something wrong.

December 19, 2011, 2:53 am

Great tips in here. My site has never experience a loss though its still a good thing to think ahead than be sorry later. Glad to take a note on this one.

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