3 Habits of Highly Productive Offices

Are you wondering why you are not getting enough tasks done on time? Are you constantly struggling from week to week to hit your goals? These habits might help you give your productivity a boost.

  1. 1. They don’t hold long meetings

There are companies that hold meetings that last for hours and hours. Some last into the night. Some take up the whole day. This is bad practice. If you really need to discuss a lot with your employees, you should break them down into digestible bits. Try to keep your meetings to 1 hour, max. Only hold meetings once a week. You can also just email blast everyone on a Monday morning and ask them to reply to you that they got/understood your message. Use technology to keep things quick and simple.

2. They always use up-to-date equipment

Machines were designed to make our life easier, to help us do things faster. But, if you are using an obsolete or outdated machine in your office, then they are a burden to your company, not an asset. Highly productive offices are always up-to-date with the latest technology. They regularly update their software and hardware to optimize their usage.

What gadgets/equipment need to be updated? First, your computers. They need to be fast! If it takes a long time for them to startup or shutdown, it’s time to replace them. If they are very slow and make your employees frustrated, it’s time to replace them. Photocopiers and printers are also productivity culprits. If they keep jamming or they keep breaking down, replace them. There are many deals around for these two devices. Your business telephone system should also be reviewed. You may not know it but you may only be using 20% of its features. You are paying top money for your phone service but not truly taking advantage of it. If it can’t handle the bulk of incoming or outgoing calls, it’s time to replace it.

Highly productive office managers regularly hold a technology/IT/Telecoms audit in their company to assess which devices need to be replaced or upgraded. This helps with business continuity and keeps productivity levels high.

  1. 3. Incentivize

The secret to a highly productive office are highly productive employees. How do you make them productive? The answer is motivation. You don’t have to give money for every single job done. Even simple compliments such as “good job” or employee of the week are great motivations. You can also have “pizza day” or give the top salesman “movie night” with his loved one. Gift certificates are appreciated as much as cash. Just make sure that they are useful. Food is always a good motivator. Be creative with your approach and you will soon see a difference in the way your employees perform.  They will be happier, less stressed and more productive.

Now you know the secrets of highly productive offices, try one or all of them and get tasks done faster. You will surely not have any problems hitting your goals week after week, month after month.

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